Waiting for bar tape

Campagnolo Record Carbon Levers
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8 Responses to Waiting for bar tape

  1. Simon says:

    Let me guess, some sort of brown, leather bartape?

  2. rich says:

    Tried Brooks leather tape, it’s rubbish. Absolutely no grip at all. Using Fizik Microtex at the moment which is nice if a little thin, but there isn’t any Honey Brown tape around at the moment.

  3. Simon says:

    Get some pink lizard skins tape ;-)

    Super comfy & grippy.

  4. rich says:

    It would look bloody stupid on the Bob Jackson though :)

  5. Simon says:

    (other colours are available)

  6. rich says:

    No brown though, and it’s got to match the saddle.

  7. Steve says:

    Nice levers, can I lick them?

  8. rich says:

    If you’re a really good boy I might let you.