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Castle Combe Sportscar Raceday

We’d been planning this long overdue visit to Castle Combe circuit since the beginning of the year having missed it for the last two seasons. Fortunately the weather behaved itself and we had glorious sunshine for the majority of the … Continue reading

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Evil headwind

For the first time since he moved two years ago I managed to get out for a Sunday ride with Ian, and rather than do the usual ride down to the lakes and back elected to start from Bradford-on-Avon. We … Continue reading

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I-Clic update

The Time I-Clic pedals may be very east to clip into, but they are also very easy to clip out of by accident. I keep rolling my feet out of the pedals whilst riding along which is more than a … Continue reading

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Kindle time

A day earlier than expected, and in fact a day before the official release, my new Amazon Kindle arrived along with a leather case to hold it. First impressions are good, it’s fairly idiot proof, very slim and light to … Continue reading

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#42 – Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

I’ve never seen this before, and it’s in foreign which means I’ll have to concentrate properly on it. Al keeps raving about it though, so it’d better be good. 80/250

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That seems to have worked

Rather than being hosted on a VMWare virtual machine on an aging server under my stairs, this is now running on a proper virtual machine at Bytemark. It should be a lot faster, and won’t break when my ADSL goes … Continue reading

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On the move

If you can see this, you’re looking at the new server.

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Early morning spin

Awake at 6am, first thought of the day “this is far too early to wake up”. Lean over, pull the curtain aside and look out of the window “hmm, not raining yet”. Get up, watch the weather forecast, and faff … Continue reading

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#38 – American Beauty

I don’t think I’ve seen this since it came out. Will it be as good as I recall, or has nostalgia clouded my memory? 79/250

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Another milestone achieved

A fairly pathetic one this, partway back along the cycle track this morning I did my 1000th mile of the year.

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