Castle Combe Sportscar Raceday

We’d been planning this long overdue visit to Castle Combe circuit since the beginning of the year having missed it for the last two seasons. Fortunately the weather behaved itself and we had glorious sunshine for the majority of the day, and a bit of cloud cover later in the afternoon.

Today was their Sportscar raceday, so we were entertained with a plethora of cars from Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, along with more mundane marques such as Nissan, Subaru, and Mitsubishi. We sat on the banking on the outside of Quarry Corner as normal which is usually a good place to see a crash or three, and we weren’t let down. Most were fairly innocuous, however one involved a rather nice Aston Martin which destroyed the tyre wall, the Armco behind it, and most of the car itself. This caused the race to be stopped, and the track closed for about 45 minutes so they could recover the driver and car, then rebuild the wall.

Crashed Aston

One of the races features a pair of BMWs which were superbly entertaining, on most laps they were taking Quarry sideways in perfect synchronisation.

Castle Combe Sportscar Raceday

The rest of the days racing was superb and passed without any major incidents.

Castle Combe Sportscar Raceday

More photos: Castle Combe Sportscar Raceday, August 2010

Evil headwind

For the first time since he moved two years ago I managed to get out for a Sunday ride with Ian, and rather than do the usual ride down to the lakes and back elected to start from Bradford-on-Avon.

We ended up doing a 37ish mile loop, mostly into an evil headwind or so it seemed. Despite the promise of a flat ride, there was still a reasonable amount of climbing involved.

Bradford loop 29-08-2010

I had very little trouble with the pedals on the ride, I only unclipped by accident once on a low cadence climb. I seem to twist my feet and roll them outwards when climbing a steep hill, and this is enough to unclip from the pedal. As long as I concentrate it shouldn’t be a problem.

I-Clic update

The Time I-Clic pedals may be very east to clip into, but they are also very easy to clip out of by accident. I keep rolling my feet out of the pedals whilst riding along which is more than a tad annoying. By waving a screwdriver at them I think I’ve increased the release tension to maximum, a proper ride tomorrow will determine if they are destined to stay, or headed for the bin.

Kindle time

A day earlier than expected, and in fact a day before the official release, my new Amazon Kindle arrived along with a leather case to hold it.

First impressions are good, it’s fairly idiot proof, very slim and light to hold, and the screen seems very easy to read from a quick play around with it. Even the web browser works, well, sort of works given the limitations of the black and white e-ink screen.

I’ve left it charging for the moment, I’ll take it to bed for a proper read later.

Early morning spin

Awake at 6am, first thought of the day “this is far too early to wake up”. Lean over, pull the curtain aside and look out of the window “hmm, not raining yet”. Get up, watch the weather forecast, and faff excessively. Clean trousers packed into the Wingnut bag, fill bottle with Nuun, move the Bob Jackson out of the way and retrieve the Singular because it’s going to rain on the way home, earphones into ears, out the door, music on shuffle, oddly enough it’s Jesus Built My Hotrod yet again, check watch, it’s 7am, time to ride.

Hit the road and get slightly confused by the gear things for a bit, reach the cycle track and spin along at a gentle 16mph or so. Get to the second bridge at 2.5 miles and check watch, it’s still 7am, bollocks, battery must be flat. Spin past Saltford and up the long gentle climb to Bitton. It looks flat but my legs tell me it isn’t, and this 30lbs bike feels a lot heavier than the 20lbs Bob Jackson I usually ride. Get to the turning point and spot a familiar car unloading in the car park so wait for Andy to get ready and spin back with him on his new bike at an even more gentle 15mph.

Reach the office after 12 and a bit miles, work for an hour whilst drinking the Nuun, get changed and finish off with a Clif Bar for breakfast, Crunchy Peanut Butter flavour, lovely.