Shuttleworth Military Air Pageant – August 2010

Yet again the weather forecast wasn’t ideal, and we didn’t make the final decision to attend until Saturday evening. On the day it was fairly overcast, and far from ideal conditions for taking photographs. I settled for photographing mainly planes I hadn’t seen before, but the resultant photos were all fairly uninspiring.

For the first time since I started attending the weather was good enough for the Edwardian planes to be retrieved from the hangar and “flown” at the end of the display. We had flights from a 1909 Bleirot XI, the oldest airworthy plane in the world, an 1910 Deperdussin, an 1912 Blackburn monoplane Type ‘D’, the oldest flying British aeroplane in the world, and two replicas, a 1910 Bristol Boxkite and a 1911 Avro Triplane. The latter two originally built for Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.

Bristol BoxkiteBristol Boxkite

Avro TriplaneAvro Triplane

More photos: Shuttleworth Military Air Pageant, August 2010

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