5 weeks with a Bob Jackson

I’ve now had the Bob Jackson Vigorelli up and running for 5 weeks and 150 mostly commuting miles. It’s a bit of a cliché, but the more I ride it, the more I like it.

There’s a few minor niggles with it though, the gearing at 46:18 is still a little higher than I’d like, but the 19T Surly sprocket on it’s way should rectify that. In addition, the braking wasn’t particularly good, not a major problem on a fixed-gear bike, but not what I expected. However money can cure most ills, and swapping to Campagnolo Record Carbon levers has improved the braking no end. As they were mainly bought for their looks, the better braking is a nice bonus.

The biggest downside to the Vigorelli is slightly harder to rectify though, I now want a matching road bike. Maybe that can be next years project?

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