69er rides again

The singlespeed 69er came out of retirement today for my first singlespeed MTB ride for nearly a year. I headed out on the usual Uni route with Al, collecting Sandy at the top of the hill. We took a few short detours on the route which I’d not ridden for a few years just for nostalgia, although it was wasted on the others. All through the ride it was like I had two dogs with me, Sandy playing the role of the excitable young puppy shooting off ahead without really knowing where he was going, and Al the wizened old hound plodding along behind.

Once up on the top of the Downs we cut across to the left taking the fast sweeping route across the top, this worked well to start with, I jumped the first two lumps, rolled the second two then slowed to wait for the others before slowing cutting right to follow the path down to the gate. At this point Sandy neglected to slow down and rode at full-tilt into the back of me. Fortunately we ended up off the bikes rolling down the hill with cries of laughter rather than pain. If you’re going to crash mid-ride, that’s the way to do it.

Other than losing Al in the middle of town, the rest of the ride home was rather less eventful and I was soon back home for a late lunch of a Clif bar and a can of lager.

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2 Responses to 69er rides again

  1. Simon says:

    Quality lunch there Rich ;-)

  2. rich says:

    It’s the diet of winners.