Evil headwind

For the first time since he moved two years ago I managed to get out for a Sunday ride with Ian, and rather than do the usual ride down to the lakes and back elected to start from Bradford-on-Avon.

We ended up doing a 37ish mile loop, mostly into an evil headwind or so it seemed. Despite the promise of a flat ride, there was still a reasonable amount of climbing involved.

Bradford loop 29-08-2010

I had very little trouble with the pedals on the ride, I only unclipped by accident once on a low cadence climb. I seem to twist my feet and roll them outwards when climbing a steep hill, and this is enough to unclip from the pedal. As long as I concentrate it shouldn’t be a problem.

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3 Responses to Evil headwind

  1. matt says:

    I twist too, quite a bit, actually, but my shoes are quite flexible so they don’t unclip (usually)

    wind here was crazy :(

  2. Steve says:

    Skyride in Leicester was windy too, the barriers were blowing over at times.

  3. Simon says:

    We had gales and driving rain. Pretty harsh :(