Castle Combe Sportscar Raceday

We’d been planning this long overdue visit to Castle Combe circuit since the beginning of the year having missed it for the last two seasons. Fortunately the weather behaved itself and we had glorious sunshine for the majority of the day, and a bit of cloud cover later in the afternoon.

Today was their Sportscar raceday, so we were entertained with a plethora of cars from Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, along with more mundane marques such as Nissan, Subaru, and Mitsubishi. We sat on the banking on the outside of Quarry Corner as normal which is usually a good place to see a crash or three, and we weren’t let down. Most were fairly innocuous, however one involved a rather nice Aston Martin which destroyed the tyre wall, the Armco behind it, and most of the car itself. This caused the race to be stopped, and the track closed for about 45 minutes so they could recover the driver and car, then rebuild the wall.

Crashed Aston

One of the races features a pair of BMWs which were superbly entertaining, on most laps they were taking Quarry sideways in perfect synchronisation.

Castle Combe Sportscar Raceday

The rest of the days racing was superb and passed without any major incidents.

Castle Combe Sportscar Raceday

More photos: Castle Combe Sportscar Raceday, August 2010

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