An Absence of YellowAn Absence of Yellow


No Gears, Danger of DeathNo Gears – Danger of Death

It’s much harder to take photographs when wearing glasses.

More photos: Bath – September 2010

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3 Responses to Bath

  1. mattmagic says:

    Are your cameras back?

    where did you send them, direct to canon or a canon approved fixer? need to get my 20d done.

  2. rich says:

    I’ve not sent them in yet, I’m waiting for my CPS stuff to come through as they’ll turn them around quicker then.

    Canon or Fixation seem to be the people to use in the UK, although given the age of the 20D you may find it’s cheaper to buy a second-hand 30D or similar as a replacement.

  3. mattmagic says:

    If I were going to replace I think I’d go with a 7D or something. I’ve just got a windfall from my mum so my finances are looking quite nice :)

    then I should go outside and take photos!