Spiers and Boden – Bath Folk Club

Nepotism played a part tonight, the support act was Jon Boden’s younger but taller brother Tom. He played a few solo songs, then Jon joined him on stage for a couple more before he finished off with a couple more solos.

About 9pm the main act saunter up onto stage for the first half of their set, they were as good as I’ve ever seen them. A few songs seemed to have a slightly different arrangement, although that could be the beer and my memory playing tricks on me.

The Rochdale Coconut Dance
Rambling Robin
Cheshire Waltz
The Birth of Robin Hood
Jiggery Pokerwork / Haul Away / Seven Stars
Brown Adam
Three Tunes / Sportsman’s Hornpipe
Tom Padget

Old Maui
Bold Sir Rylas
The Three-Two Set: The Shropshire Rounds / Rusty Gully / The Three-Footed Chestnut
Horn Fair
Jack Robinson / Argiers / Old Tom Of Oxford
The Gooseberry Bush / Laudanum Bunches
Prickle Eye Bush
Captain Ward

Sloe Gin Set: Frozen Gin / Vinegar Reel / The Sloe

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