Silent Running

My Macbook Pro is due to celebrate it’s first birthday on Tuesday, so as a present I decided to buy it a 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD. Installation was slightly complicated by the desire to maintain my existing Bootcamp partition, but after a bit of research and installing a couple of tools it proved to be fairly simple:

  • Use Winclone to image the Bootcamp partition to a file
  • Use Winclone to shrink the Bootcamp image to save space (must have been an NTFS partition for this to work)
  • Use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the internal HD to a USB drive (I had this anyway)
  • Boot from the USB drive to check it works.
  • Replace the internal HD with the new SSD
  • Boot from the USB drive
  • Use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the USB drive to the SSD and reboot
  • Go into System Preferences – Startup Disk to set the SSD as the boot device
  • Start Bootcamp assistant and create a partition for Windows, but cancel out without installing.
  • Use Winclone to copy the image to the new Bootcamp partition, it’ll expand it as necessary.
  • Boot Windows a couple of times to sort out the Bootcamp partition
  • Boot back into OS X and run VMWare Fusion to recreate the VM running from Bootcamp
  • Turn off the HD Sudden Motion Sensor using sudo pmset -a sms 0

And that’s it. I did try sticking the SSD drive into a USB caddy and cloning to that, but it failed a few times most likely due to the cheap shoddy caddy I had borrowed.

My Macbook Pro now boots in under 15 seconds, applications load much faster, and without an HD whirring away it’s virtually silent.

New Model Army – Rock City, Nottingham – Saturday

Another fantastic night watching New Model Army. Even more people there than on Friday and even hotter stood up on the balcony. Same again in 10 years?

Snelsmore Wood
No Pain
Another Imperial Day (Acapella)
You Weren’t There
Space (with Joolz)
Modern Times
Ocean Rising

Christian Militia
Long Goodbye
One of the Chosen
Carlisle Road
The Hunt
Red Earth
Get Me Out
Here Comes the War
51st State
No Rest

Bad Old World
Believe It
Stupid Questions
I Love the World

New Model Army – Rock City, Nottingham – Friday

A fantastic night at Rock City. The place was packed, and everyone was singing along. We’ve got it all again on Saturday night as well.

Better Than Them
Turn Away
Higher Wall
Drummy B
The Attack

Over the Wire
White Light
Drag It Down
Wonderful Way To Go
Today Is a Good Day
Liberal Education
Flying Through the Smoke
No Sense
Vagabonds (*)
Mambo Queen of the Sandstone City
Orange Tree Roads
Purity (*)
Green and Grey (*)


Poison Street (*)
Betcha (*)

(*) – with Ed Alleyne-Johnson