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A brief interlude in our Top 250 Films project tonight to commemorate the passing of Leslie Nielsen at the weekend. Depending on time, we may finish off with an episode or two of Police Squad.

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#118 – Princess Mononoke

I’m not much of a fan of Studio Ghibli, maybe this will help change my mind? 90/250

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It’s back

After two trips up north and nearly two weeks away I have my Canon 1D Mk III back home again, and as far as I can tell it’s working perfectly. The LCD in the viewfinder works again, I’ve refitted all … Continue reading

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Pop goes the telly

In between bouts of moving mailboxes and virtualising application servers I was sat downstairs catching up on last nights telly. Midway through NCIS the TV made an odd "pop" sound and shut itself off. I turned it back on and … Continue reading

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When is a repair not a repair?

Last week I sent my Canon 1D Mk III back to a Canon approved repair centre for some fixes to the AF which hadn’t yet been done. A week later it arrives back and all looks good, the repair form … Continue reading

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Spamalot – Theatre Royal, Bath

It was an early birthday present tonight, a trip to Nandos followed by a cultural evening at the theatre. Spamalot is a fantastic musical romp through the career of Monty Python. Loosely based around the plot of the film Monty … Continue reading

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#142 – Heat

A remake of Michael Mann’s earlier TV movie L.A. Takedown with a pretty stellar cast, including a rather young looking Natalie Portman. 89/250

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#60 – Saving Private Ryan

Probably the best start to a film ever. The first half-hour or so of the landing on Omaha Beach is visually and aurally stunning on DVD. No doubt it’d be even better on Blu-ray. 88/250

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#129 – Into the Wild

I’ve heard good things about this and missed it when it was on TV a few weeks ago, so picked it up on Blu-ray for a decent price. 87/250

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#239 – Young Frankenstein

Another film I’ve never seen, but it’s Mel Brooks so must be good. 86/250

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