When is a repair not a repair?

Last week I sent my Canon 1D Mk III back to a Canon approved repair centre for some fixes to the AF which hadn’t yet been done. A week later it arrives back and all looks good, the repair form indicates that they’ve replaced a few parts, possibly the entire mirror assembly. On turning the camera on it shows that all my custom functions have been reset, but that’s not the end of the world. I reassemble the camera, refitting all the parts I removed before sending it in, then dig a lens out and fit it and fire off a few test shots just to make sure it works.

After playing around for a few minutes I realise the information in the viewfinder looks a bit odd. Half of the elements of one of the digits in the shots remaining counter no longer light up. Back into the box it goes, and I’m now waiting on the repair company confirming that they want me to post it back to them again. Looks like I’ll be without it for another week or so.

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