Levellers – O2 Academy, Leicester

Traffic problems on the way up, and an unannounced change to an 6pm start meant that we arrived too late to see Back To The Planet, which I’m not happy about.

Despite that letdown, Dreadzone were good, and the Levellers were on good form, although they did manage to mess up The Riverflow by forgetting the lyrics.

An annoyingly early finish of 22:15 meant we were home early, still bitter about missing Back To The Planet.

Gmail go slow

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21 hours to move between two gmail servers? That’s a bit shit.

Bellowhead – Cheese and Grain, Frome

My last trip to the Cheese and Grain a couple of years ago was co-incidentally also the last time I saw Bellowhead.

Support tonight came from Ahab who were good, but sounded a bit too “busy” for my liking. Too many singers all singing at the same time. Bellowhead were superb as always, and actually manage to sound decent at the Cheese and Grain which is usually sounds a bit muddy. They played for getting on for two hours finishing off with two encores.

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