Richard Thompson Band – Colston Hall, Bristol

A full band line-up tonight, rather than the solo outing where I last saw Richard Thompson, the recent recipient of an O.B.E. The first half of the evening was an almost-complete run through the latest album, Dream Attic, omitting only a few tracks. After a quick trip to the bar for refreshments it was back for the second half and a selection of some of the older hits. The first track was from Henry the Human Fly, apparently the worst selling Warner Brothers album of all time. There were solos from each of the performers interwoven into the songs, and the obligatory audience participation during Tear Stained Letter.

A respectably early finish of 22:15 left us with the climb back up to the lofty heights of the top of the car park before the drive back home again.

The Money Shuffle
Among the Gorse, Among the Grey
Haul Me Up
Burning Man
Here Comes Geordie
Demons in Her Dancing Shoes
Big Sun Falling in the River
Sidney Wells
A Brother Slips Away
If Love Whispers Your Name

The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
Can’t Win
One Door Opens
Al Bowlly’s in Heaven
Never Give it Up
Wall of Death
Tear Stained Letter

Take Care the Road You Choose
A Man in Need

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