On Fire(bird)

I went out for a quick spin before breakfast this morning to christen the Singular Firebird. Despite blue skies when I left it started raining after a few miles which means the Firebird has a 100% success rate in attracting rain.

The bike fits like a glove with only two minor niggles. The seatpost kept slipping so I’ve slathered it with Fibre Grip, and the straight chainstays mean I catch my heels more than on any other bike I’ve ridden, however it’s infrequent enough to not be too much of a problem. The narrow Fulcrum cranks may be partly to blame for this.

A white Prologo Kappa saddle is on order to replace the aesthetically incorrect Selle Italia Octavia, but I still need to decide what to do with the seatpost and stem. A Bontrager Race X Lite ACC seatpost looks tempting, and it will sort of match the stem.

Virgin Media installation summary

The new Tivo box is in and up and running, the software seems fairly buggy but that’s one of the downsides of being an early adopter. Hopefully things will improve as more boxes get rolled out. The engineers who turned up had never seen a Tivo box before and hadn’t had any training on them yet, but that didn’t prove to be too much of a hindrance.

The 50Mb broadband is working well after a few hiccups getting connected, however the router is festooned with overly bright LEDs, but a few bits of gaffer tape soon cured that.

As for the phone line, somewhere during the order process someone forgot to set up the transfer of my landline number, a quick phone call later it’s scheduled for transfer in 10 days time.