Late afternoon spin

The second ride of the weekend was a quick hour on the Vigorelli to work off this mornings Velo Lounge breakfast.

I did a quick loop round town getting stuck at every traffic light along the way, then nipped out to Bitton and back on the cycle track which was full of oblivious idiots. I did manage to get home without killing any of them which was a bonus.

The evening is being spent with a bowl of chilli, a glass of wine, and Gent-Webelgem on the TV.

Early morning spin

Despite it being a Saturday I was up and about at 6:30 this morning. After faffing around on the computer for a bit the weather cleared up enough to tempt me to take the now finished Singular Firebird out for a spin.

I headed out through Bitton, Keynsham, and Saltford before popping into Cadence to check that the laptop I’d fixed was still working, and then into Johns Bikes to see Ian where I ended up staying for an hour drinking tea. A quick loop round town brought it up to a nice even 20 miles, then back home in time for a shower and a couple of bacon and brie rolls.

Firebird Finished

After collecting some new wheels from the bike shop this afternoon, Open Pro CD on Campagnolo Chorus if anyone was interested, the Singular Firebird is now finally finished.

Well, it’s finished until I decide what to change next.