Plusnet – spam friendly ISP

Looking to send out lots of spam? Just use Plusnet. Provided you stick an opt-out link at the bottom of the emails Plusnet don’t consider it an abuse issue.

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3 Responses to Plusnet – spam friendly ISP

  1. Bob Pullen says:

    Hi Rich,

    Are you able to elaborate at all?

    We don’t typically reply to individual abuse requests but that’s not to say we don’t try and take preventative measures. Our outbound mail also passes through Cisco Ironport anti-spam appliances (although the filtering mechanisms in place aren’t as aggressive as we could make them).

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care

  2. rich says:

    The spam source was, Michael Wheeler should have the details as the reply came from him.

  3. Bob Pullen says:

    OK, thanks Rich, I shall try and catch up with him at some point today.