More Tivo reboots

My Virgin Media Tivo box was replaced yesterday, however the replacement box is even worse. So far I’ve had three reboots, followed by two complete lockups, then five more reboots, all of which leave me pondering a move back to Sky and cancelling my entire Virgin Media contract in the process. I’ve not managed a completely successful recording since Saturday, most 1 hour programs involve at least two reboots, and that’s if it manages to record anything at all.

I rang the engineer who came yesterday who was very helpful despite having finished his shift, but the best they can do is another engineer on Thursday at some point. I’m not holding out much hope of a resolution any time soon.

Current recommendation: avoid like the plague.

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1 Response to More Tivo reboots

  1. Steve says:

    Can they not give you a standard V+ box? The one I had never missed a beat.