Virgin Media are useless

So far I’ve had:

  • No Wireless adaptor supplied as expected
  • No HDMI cable supplied for the Tivo, they pinched the one I’d bought to move the PS3 and used that.
  • No “half-price for six months” discount applied as promised. Therefore the first bill is looking to be 50% more than expected.
  • After complaining about the lack of discount a second contract was received which increased the price by £25 per month.
  • No port of my existing landline number at installation as I ordered. That had to be re-ordered and was completed a few weeks later.
  • A Tivo that hasn’t worked properly for nearly a week.

If it wasn’t for the hassle of migrating the phone and broadband back out to a BT line I’d have cancelled already. However the pain of going without broadband for a few weeks whilst I move somewhere more competent is looking more and more tempting.

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