NeoOffice no longer free

As of v3.2, NeoOffice is no longer free. You can only download the software if you’ve made a donation of $10 or more in the last year. In my mind, you can’t call it a donation if it’s mandatory, it’s a payment.

Fortunately LibreOffice is free, even if it does have a stupid name.

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4 Responses to NeoOffice no longer free

  1. Simon says:

    I’d never heard of NeoOffice until this post.

  2. rich says:

    Given that you don’t use a Mac, I wouldn’t expect you to have heard of it :)

  3. Simon says:

    Every time I’ve tried to use a mac I’ve wanted to hurl it out of the nearest window :)

  4. Father says:

    It is the Devil’s own work!