I-Clic retirement

After 10 months using Time I-Clic Racer pedals I’ve retired them in favour of my old Time Impacts. I never felt secure on the I-Clics, it felt a bit like pedalling on ice and it was far too easy for me to accidentally unclip when pedalling, which isn’t particularly confidence inspiring.

The only problem is I have two road bikes, and only one set of Impact pedals, but fortunately they share a cleat with Time RXS pedals, and those are still available. So provided I’m happy with the Impacts, I’ll be ordering new RXS pedals next week.

Whilst swapping pedals around I’ve tweaked the position on the Firebird slightly, saddle and stem have both been dropped 5mm or so which seems to have helped a bit, I might still fit a slightly shorter stem.

Justin Sullivan and Dean White – The Thunderbolt, Bristol

The support band tonight were 50% of Eureka Machines, a fairly enjoyable way to start the evening. Somewhat later than usual, Justin and Dean took the stage and played through until midnight, way past my usual bedtime.


Someone Like Jesus
One Bullet
North Star
Aimless Desire
Another Imperial Day
La Push
States Radio
Stoned, Fired, and Full of Grace
Marry the Sea
Ocean Rising
Sun on Water
Wipe Out
Notice Me
You Weren’t There
Snelsmore Wood

Sky in Your Eyes
Bad Old World
Lights Go Out
Ballad of Bodmin Pill