Titanium bike fest

40 miles out to the lake and back with Ian, both on our Titanium road bikes. I was on my Singular Firebird,

Singular Firebird
and Ian on his De Rosa Titanio.

De Rosa Titanio

It was bloody hot, I ran out of water, and by the time I got home was struggling to turn the pedals. However a cold shower, chocolate milk and bacon rolls soon cured that.

Some post-ride fettling has hopefully cured the annoying rattle from the back-end of the bike. Looks like some ham-fisted idiot didn’t fit the 12T sprocket correctly when he built the bike, and therefore the cassette was slightly loose.

Things that annoy me #2

Companies who still can’t get email right.

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:20:43 GMT
To: Richard
Subject: Richard’s Essential Cinema: 2011 Hot List + Win The Fighter on DVD

Dear Richard,

We are sorry but we are having trouble sending an email to you. If you would like the see the web version of the email please visit

Happy viewing,
The LOVEFiLM team

You aren’t having trouble sending me an email, in fact you’ve been entirely successful in sending me an email, you just can’t cope with multipart/alternative correctly.

Muddy funsters

The original plan was to head out with Sandy and Simon for the organised Midsomer Madness ride this evening, but a dodgy knee meant I decided to stay a bit more local in case a bailout was needed, and the others elected to join me.

It didn’t all go to plan to start with. Whilst waiting for Simon I decided to put a narrower tyre onto the back of the Hemlock, and due to it being a very tight fit I managed to pinch the innertube necessitating a replacement. Then once out riding my Edge 205 forgot where it was for the first half-hour, and Endomondo on the iPhone was worse than useless.

We did more or less the same 12 mile route that I’d ridden on Sunday, but with added slop, a half-dozen comedy crashes from newly SPD’d Sandy, and a stop in Bathampton for a restorative pint.

Back home after 2.5 hours for a shower, a sausage sandwich, a beer, and and evening of legs gently tingling from nettle rash.

Bikes = Bikes – 1

Breaking the habit of a lifetime, I actually sold a bike this week. Well, a bike frame really.

Last year I bought a second Trek 69er Singlespeed frame and built it up with rigid forks, and then didn’t ride it. I never really got on with the fit, which was a bit odd, because the one I have with Maverick DUC forks fits like a dream. Spending money on different seatposts, stems, and bars might have helped, but then again it might not. In addition, every time I went into the cellar I’d see the Kona Unit I cannibalised to build the 69er and would remember how good it was to ride, and how much better it fitted.

So, I offered the frame to a friend who turned it down, however he suggested it to someone else, and it left today on the trip to it’s new home where I hope it gets put to better use than I managed.

Shuttleworth Mid-Summer Air Display

It didn’t really live up to it’s name of the “Mid-Summer Air Display”.

We gambled with the weather, and to be honest, we didn’t win. Whilst it didn’t rain until the end of the display, yet again the flying was disrupted because of the wind, and there was full cloud cover for most of the day. My photos were pretty uninspiring, here are a few of the best of a bad bunch.

Avro Nineteen - Anson
Comper Swift and Southern Martlet
de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk

More photos: Shuttleworth Mid-Summer Air Display, June 2011

Late start

Thanks to the delights of working late because of a conference call this evening I had a lazy start to the day. Up at about 9 for bacon and egg rolls, then I rode into work the long way via Bitton on the finished Singular Firebird. Well I say finished, but I still need to work out what stem to fit to replace the borrowed Ritchey Comp, if only I could find one aesthetically suitable.