Bikes = Bikes – 1

Breaking the habit of a lifetime, I actually sold a bike this week. Well, a bike frame really.

Last year I bought a second Trek 69er Singlespeed frame and built it up with rigid forks, and then didn’t ride it. I never really got on with the fit, which was a bit odd, because the one I have with Maverick DUC forks fits like a dream. Spending money on different seatposts, stems, and bars might have helped, but then again it might not. In addition, every time I went into the cellar I’d see the Kona Unit I cannibalised to build the 69er and would remember how good it was to ride, and how much better it fitted.

So, I offered the frame to a friend who turned it down, however he suggested it to someone else, and it left today on the trip to it’s new home where I hope it gets put to better use than I managed.

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