Muddy funsters

The original plan was to head out with Sandy and Simon for the organised Midsomer Madness ride this evening, but a dodgy knee meant I decided to stay a bit more local in case a bailout was needed, and the others elected to join me.

It didn’t all go to plan to start with. Whilst waiting for Simon I decided to put a narrower tyre onto the back of the Hemlock, and due to it being a very tight fit I managed to pinch the innertube necessitating a replacement. Then once out riding my Edge 205 forgot where it was for the first half-hour, and Endomondo on the iPhone was worse than useless.

We did more or less the same 12 mile route that I’d ridden on Sunday, but with added slop, a half-dozen comedy crashes from newly SPD’d Sandy, and a stop in Bathampton for a restorative pint.

Back home after 2.5 hours for a shower, a sausage sandwich, a beer, and and evening of legs gently tingling from nettle rash.

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