Cycle Friendly?

According to the Bath Cycling Summit programme, one of our staff is leading a discussion group entitled “Becoming a Cycle Friendly Employer”. This is from an organisation which recently disbanded it’s Cycle User Group, and is doing nothing related to this weeks Bike Week.

We do have plenty of cycle racks and a couple of showers though, maybe that’s all it takes?

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1 Response to Cycle Friendly?

  1. grant says:


    In a similar vein of utter stupidity, the council sent out a flyer promoting ways of getting to school without a car – walking, cycling. All meant to remove the idiocy of the School Run and the issues with multiple cars hovering around the school gates. There’s even one person that does the run who literally lives 500m from the school gates, yet out they trot in the big silver 4×4, up the road to drop the kids off or collect them.

    Anyway, I disgress.

    This pamphlet, which promotes walking or cycling to school, coincides with one event and is contrary to another.

    1) The council just sacked all the lollipop persons, thus rendering the foot journey to the school dangerous as it includes at least one crossing of a very busy road for 99% of the kids, if not two crossings.

    2) The school (run by the council) have banned all kids under P7 from riding to school.

    WTF? Council thinking at its best………………