Titanium bike fest

40 miles out to the lake and back with Ian, both on our Titanium road bikes. I was on my Singular Firebird,

Singular Firebird
and Ian on his De Rosa Titanio.

De Rosa Titanio

It was bloody hot, I ran out of water, and by the time I got home was struggling to turn the pedals. However a cold shower, chocolate milk and bacon rolls soon cured that.

Some post-ride fettling has hopefully cured the annoying rattle from the back-end of the bike. Looks like some ham-fisted idiot didn’t fit the 12T sprocket correctly when he built the bike, and therefore the cassette was slightly loose.

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2 Responses to Titanium bike fest

  1. Simon says:

    Could you not have refilled your bottles from the lake?

  2. rich says:

    I didn’t need any water at that point :)