DHL Lifecycle ride

Despite not working for DHL, I got co-opted into this by Steve who needed a bed for the night beforehand. The ride was from a DHL depot in Bristol, into Bath, up to Marshfield, then back to Bristol. The Marshfield bit worried me a bit, it’s at the top of several steep hills.

12 of us set out from Bristol along various cycle tracks to Bath before picking up our escort of two DHL vans who would chaperone us for the rest of the ride. We lost one rider to a puncture in the middle of Bath thanks to his use of tubs, leaving the remaining 11 riders to head up Bannerdown, most of whom were blissfully unaware of the climb coming up.

We climbed the long drag up to Bannerdown, surprisingly I was one of the few who didn’t resort to walking. Unfortunately while refuelling at the top it started raining making the next 15 minutes of the ride rather damp and cold.

After a bit more climbing up towards the M4 we cut back across towards Bristol before picking the cycle tracks up again for the last few miles home.

We did 38.5 miles in about 3 hours, slightly more than the promised 32 miles.

The Route.

If you’re feeling flush, you can sponsor me belatedly via Steve’s page.

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2 Responses to DHL Lifecycle ride

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for joining the ride Rich and for putting me up for the night. I have the feeling I will be a bit uncomfortable tomorrow.