100 Greatest Cameras?

The Amateur Photographer which was delivered today contains a “100 Greatest Cameras” supplement, as voted for by the readers of AP. It appears that I own, or have owned, the cameras placed 87th (Olympus Pen EP-1), 62nd (Canon EOS 300D) and 19th (Canon EOS 5D). The overall winner was the Canon EOS 5D Mk II, a camera I hope to be able to justify one day.

However I’m not sure how much credence can be given to such a supplement when the camera in 78th place, the Sony NEX-7, wasn’t actually available to purchase at the time of voting.

Bad Shepherds – The Fleece, Bristol

Al and I started early with a train over to Bristol before a wander round the shops, mainly so we could visit Fopp, something Bath is sadly lacking these days. A swift pint was quaffed before meeting Rachael at her office.

We wandered down to GBK for food, drove across town to the Fleece, then as we were early headed off in the search of another pint before relocating to the Fleece once the doors opened. I’d not been to the Fleece for getting on for 20 years, in which time it hasn’t changed a bit, they’ve not even redecorated.

The support came from Samantha Crain, her music was good, but I’m not sure I’d want to listen to too much of it in one go.

After what seemed like an endless wait, the Bad Shepherds finally took to the stage and launched straight into the first of a few new songs. They were superb as always, playing a good long set before finishing. As there wasn’t a curtain to disappear behind, Ade and Troy just stood at the back of the stage with towels over their heads whilst we called for the obligatory encore.

A fantastic night, only slightly marred by a couple of drunken idiots who decided what we really needed was a mosh pit. It didn’t work out well.

Our House
Anarchy in the UK
Making Plans for Nigel
Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
Friday Night, Saturday Morning
God Save the Queen
Up the Junction
Ace of spades
The Model
Whole Wide World
Ramones Medley – Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue / Gimmie Gimme Shock Treatment / Blitzkrieg Bop
What a Waste
London Calling
No More Heroes
Once in a lifetime

Yan Tyan Tethera Methera
White Riot

Pop Will Eat Itself – Trinity Centre, Bristol

I was somewhat undecided as to whether to come to this gig or not. Having seen PWEI back in their heyday of the late 80s early 90s, I wasn’t sure what the new line-up would be like with only Graham Crabb surviving from the original band. However Mary Byker is a decent replacement for Clint Mansell, and the other new members seem to fit in well.

The setlist tonight was heavily weighted towards the new album and the later releases of the original band, but we did get Wise Up Sucker, Preaching to the Perverted, and There is No Love Between Us Anymore to keep the back catalogue in our minds, before they finished off with the Prodigy collaboration, Their Law.

A thoroughly good evening, and the new line-up did the name of Pop Will Eat Itself proud.

New Model Army – Roadmender, Northampton

It’s that time of year again, New Model Army are on tour. A fantastic night, but bloody hot. By the end of the evening sweat was dripping from the ceiling which wasn’t particularly pleasant.

No Greater Love
Christian Militia
Rumour & Rapture
See You in Hell
Today Is a Good Day
The Attack
States Radio
Orange Tree Roads
Ballad of Bodmin Pill

Long Goodbye
White Coats

No Rest

Shuttleworth Autumn Air Show – October 2011

Encouraged by promising forecasts just two of us made the journey across country to Old Warden for the last Shuttleworth Collection air show of the year, and given the weather we had, you’d never believe it was October. It was lovely and hot, with pretty much clear blue skies all day, with the display lasting from 2pm until well after 6pm.

North American P51D Mustang - Jumpin' Jacques
North American P51D Mustang - Jumpin' Jacques
Percival Provost
Miles Gemini, Miles Falcon, Miles Whitney Straight, Miles Magister
Miles Gemini
Gloster Gladiator and Hawker Hind
Westland Lysander
Westland Lysander

More photos: Shuttleworth Autumn Air Show, October 2011