Singular Pegasus – first ride

It all started out so well. After lots of faffing around trying to find all the bits I needed to take with me I headed out on the road climb out of town. The climb was dispatched at a somewhat slower than usual pace, but the Pegasus felt superb.

The first bit of singletrack went smoothly and whilst climbing up into the village I started to wonder if I’d tightened the pinch bolts on the crank arm up properly. The slight flaw with the EBB on the Pegasus is that you can’t adjust it with an external BB in place. Given that the cranks were still attached I assumed everything was fine.

I dropped in to the woods for a quick loop and when grinding up a short climb there was a lound crunching noise. At first I assumed the chain had slipped but on investigation found the cranks at 90 degrees to each other rather than the conventional 180.

Spot the problem

Unable to remove the arm in the woods I headed the few miles home at a rather odd cadence. Fortunately it was mostly downhill or flat so I only has a short walk.

Everything is back together in the correct orientation and hopefully the damage isn’t terminal. I’m sure I’ll find out on the next ride.

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