A new camera?

I have too many cameras, but I still want another one.

A few years ago I bought an Olympus E-P1, the first of the Olympus Pen cameras, and one of the first of a new style of cameras known variously as EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens), MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera), or CSC (Compact System Camera). It’s a lovely little camera, particularly with the Panasonic 20/1.7 lens sat on the front, but it’s not particularly good at higher ISOs and doesn’t have a flash.

Roll on a few years and Olympus announce the OM-D range, supposedly a modern take on the old OM bodies, the first of which is the E-M5. High ISO looks a lot better, and it comes with an external flash. There are also some very nice lenses for m4/3 available these days.

However Fujifilm throw a spanner in the works with the X-Pro1. I already have a Fujifilm X10 which is superb. The X-Pro1 looks fantastic, and from the samples the image quality is excellent, and more importantly far better than the E-M5. However it’s pricey. The body alone is more than the cost of the E-M5 kit with a 12-50 lens, and there are only three lenses available at the moment, 18mm, 35mm, and a 60mm Macro (27, 53, and 90mm equivalents). More lenses are lined up, including a couple of zoom lenses, but some of these won’t be available until next year, so potentially 18 months away.

For roughly similar prices, I could get the X-Pro1 with 18mm and 35mm lenses, or an E-M5 with 12-50, 12mm, 25mm, and 45mm lenses (24-100, 24mm, 50mm, and 90mm equivalents).

My heart says get the X-Pro1, it looks good, and the images look excellent.

My head says get the E-M5. m4/3 is an established system, it’s cheaper to buy a better setup, and we have no idea if the Fujifilm X-Pro lens mount will be a success and still exist in the future.

My wallet says do nothing and save the money, but I rarely listen to my wallet.

However both cameras are new, the X-Pro1 has only been out a matter of weeks, and the E-M5 has been delayed until later this month, so the sensible option is to sit tight for a month or two and see what happens to the prices, we may start to see decent discounts on the X-Pro1 making it a more realistic option.

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