Avengers Assemble – The longer version

The Marvel film franchise has been a bit up and down. Mostly up, but a couple of the films didn’t impress me as much as they could of done. I loved Iron Man and Captain America, but thought Iron Man 2 finished a bit too quickly, almost as if they’d run out of film (or disk space), Thor never really grabbed me, and The Incredible Hulk, while being a vast improvement on Hulk, didn’t quite hit the spot.

Now it’s the turn of all of the cast, plus a few we haven’t seen before, to take centre stage with Avengers Assemble, or The Avengers as it’s known to the rest of the world. This sees Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Thor teamed up to, as you’d expect, save the world from a nasty person, in this case Loki.

The film follows the traditional “they’re winning, they’re losing, they’re winning again, oh no they’re losing, oh look they’ve won” path, but follows it well. Bruce Banner is played by yet another actor which is a little disconcerting, but in the end it all works out. Plenty of action, plenty of laughs, plenty to like. When is the Blu-ray out?

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2 Responses to Avengers Assemble – The longer version

  1. Simon says:

    No Emma Peel or Steed?

  2. rich says:

    Damn, I knew I’d missed someone out.