Bath Cycle Races – Round Five and Presentations

All good things come to and end, and tonight was the fifth and final round of the 2012 Bath Cycle Races. Despite the cloud looming for the early part of the evening, it cleared in time for the slightly delayed start of the first race, and stayed clear for the rest of the night.

Bath Cycle Races 2012 Round Five
Bath Cycle Races 2012 Round Five
Bath Cycle Races 2012 Round Five
Bath Cycle Races 2012 Round Five
Bath Cycle Races 2012 Round Five
Bath Cycle Races 2012 Round Five
Bath Cycle Races 2012 Round Five
Bath Cycle Races 2012 Presentations

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Elvis Costello & The Imposters – Colston Hall, Bristol

Tonight Elvis was on tour accompanied by the giant wheel of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook. Unsuspecting volunteers were dragged up onto stage to spin the wheel and pick a song, and if they were really unlucky they were persuaded into the cage to dance. This gave us nearly three hours of music, interspersed with a bit of banter. The last 20 minutes or so was an up-tempo run through of some old classics to finish the night off.

At some point in the next couple of days the tracklisting will appear.

I Hope You’re Happy Now
Heart Of The City
Mystery Dance
Radio Radio
Spin 1 – Good Year For The Roses
Spin 2 – I’ve Been Wrong Before
Spin 3 – Chelsea
Spin 4 – “Imperial Chocolate” Jackpot
Shabby Doll
Almost Blue
Honey, Are You Straight Or Are You Blind?
Spin 5 – The Comedians
Spin 6 – Watching The Detectives/Help Me
Spin 7 – The Stations Of The Cross/Get Ready
The Hammer Of Songs – Oliver’s Army
Less Than Zero – IMPROMPTU
Spin 8 – Cash – Cry Cry Cry
Spin 9 – Accidents Will Happen
Spin 10 – God’s Comic
Beyond Belief – IMPROMPTU
Spin 11 – National Ransom

A Slow Drag With Josephine – Napoleon Solo
Jimmie Standing In The Rain- Napoleon Solo
Tramp The Dirt Down – with the Imposters

Red Shoes
Pump It Up
Peace, Love And Understanding
I Want You

The return of the Ribble

Back at the beginning of 2010 I retired my Ribble Audax and replaced it with a Singular Peregrine for winter commuting duties. The Peregrine is good, but bloody heavy, weighing in at nearly 30lbs with full guards. For commuting in the winter this isn’t a problem, however this year it hasn’t really stopped raining since the beginning of April, and I’m getting a bit fed up with the weight of the Peregrine for every-day duty.

The frameset for the Ribble was still in the cellar, and in a dusty corner of the lean-to was my Planet-X Uncle John cross bike, unridden for the last two years. A plan formed.

The Uncle John has been stripped, and all the components swapped on to the Ribble frame, which gives me a commute bike with full guards weighing in a good 7lbs lighter than the Peregrine. Should I want a cross-bike again, I can either swap the components from the Peregrine on to the Uncle John, or more likely remove the rack and guards from the Peregrine and fit some cross tyres.

The only downside is that there’s a fair bit of corrosion around the chainstay bridge on the Ribble, so if I prefer this to the Peregrine for commuting I’ll look to replace the frame later in the year. Another Ribble Audax is only £100 or so, or there’s the Surly Pacer for a bit more.

The return of summer

Summer, or at least some sunshine, has made a brief re-appearance for the weekend, something which can’t be ignored after so much rain.

Despite having to work on-and-off all weekend, I decided to head out on the Pegasus to check out the new bridge built as part of the nearby Two Tunnels route, and then headed up the hill to see where I ended up. After a bit of pottering about I rode home along the canal which whilst dry and dusty in places was interspersed with wet and muddy puddles, making it a somewhat messy ride into town.

Once home, I caught up on emails and calls and then headed out on a clean bike up to Cadence to pick up a new road helmet to replace my aged Bell Sweep. I ended up with a white/green Kask Mojito not the white/pink which, while being listed on the site, doesn’t appear to actually exist.

An afternoon of beer and the Giro finished off the day nicely.

Tomorrow I shall ride the road bike, or maybe just stay in bed.