The return of summer

Summer, or at least some sunshine, has made a brief re-appearance for the weekend, something which can’t be ignored after so much rain.

Despite having to work on-and-off all weekend, I decided to head out on the Pegasus to check out the new bridge built as part of the nearby Two Tunnels route, and then headed up the hill to see where I ended up. After a bit of pottering about I rode home along the canal which whilst dry and dusty in places was interspersed with wet and muddy puddles, making it a somewhat messy ride into town.

Once home, I caught up on emails and calls and then headed out on a clean bike up to Cadence to pick up a new road helmet to replace my aged Bell Sweep. I ended up with a white/green Kask Mojito not the white/pink which, while being listed on the site, doesn’t appear to actually exist.

An afternoon of beer and the Giro finished off the day nicely.

Tomorrow I shall ride the road bike, or maybe just stay in bed.

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1 Response to The return of summer

  1. Father says:

    Pink. Uhhm. Nice!