The search for a new winter/British summer road bike

Having resurrected the Ribble Audax a few weeks ago and preferring it to the more weighty Singular Peregrine, it’s time to start looking for a replacement frame. There’s not a lot of choice out there, so this will act as an aide memoire while I continue my search.

I need a frame, or even a sub £1000 complete bike I can get on Cyclescheme, which will comfortably take 25mm tyres with full guards, and with an ETT of around 59cm. If it’s a full bike it needs to be at least 10spd Tiagra/Veloce, and have wheels with a sensible number of spokes.

Possible Options (in no particular order)

Ribble Audax (frame)

Only £95, but now claims to have clearance for 23mm tyres only.

Surly Pacer (frame)

£350ish, looks to meet all my requirements, possibly a bit heavy?

Genesis Equilibrium (frame or full bike)

Too short, if only they made a 62cm version.

Trek 2.1 (full bike)

Apparently clearance for guards is a bit on the small size, and maybe theoretical only. The same may also apply to the 1.5.

Kinesis Racelight T2 (full bike)

Only 172.5mm cranks and 42cm bars on the full build.

Kinesis Racelight TK2 or T2 (frame)

Seems to meet my needs, £500ish for the TK2 and fork, £400 for the T2 and fork.

Kona Honky Tonk (full bike)

Officially only available as a full bike, and it’s only 9spd Sora.

Tifosi CK7 (full bike)

Only 58cm ETT on the largest size.

Singular Osprey (frame)

It would match several of the other bikes, but it’s 1″ headset only, I’d much prefer 1.125″ to help stiffen up the front end.

What have I missed?

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