Richard Thompson – The Forum, Bath

A solo show tonight as part of the Bath Guitar Festival. We were treated to a near two hour set including a couple of encores. Richard even fitted in a few requests, not always entirely successfully though, with some help needed from members of the audience when he forgot the words to Cold Kisses part way through. A final rendition of Down Where the Drunkards Roll and he left the stage as the lights came up, then it was time to walk home again.

From piecing together someone else’s review I obviously mixed up the encores and I think the setlist was as follows:

When the Spell is Broken
Walking on a Wire
Haul me Up
Johnny’s Far Way
Cold Kisses (request)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Good Things Happen to Bad People
Saving the Good Stuff for You
Crawl Back (Under My Stone)
Dog Eat Dog in Denmark
The Sun Never Shines on the Poor
Wall of Death
I Misunderstood
She Twists the Knife Again

Keep Your Distance (request)
Down Where the Drunkards Roll

Time to Ring Some Changes
Dimming of the Day

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1 Response to Richard Thompson – The Forum, Bath

  1. doreen hunter says:

    I think Richard is perfectly entitled to forget a few words on a couple of songs its part of a live show. Silly to pick it out really as you wont see a better performance. Another masterclass.