Half Man Half Biscuit – Komedia, Bath

Support tonight came from Roja, not the best support band I’ve seen, but by no means the worst. They finished off with a decent version of Nimrod’s Son by Pixies.

As always, Half Man Half Biscuit were superb, playing for nearly two hours before heading back north. Inter-song banter revolved around Arnold Ridley, the one-way system at the bottom of Walcot Street, and Barnestoneworth United.

27 Yards of Dental Floss
The Light at the End of the Tunnel (is the Light of an Oncoming Train)
When the Evening Sun Goes Down
Fuckin’ ‘Ell it’s Fred Titmus
Asparagus Next Left
Joy in Leeuwarden (We Are Ready)
Turned Up, Clocked On, Laid Off
Restless Legs
Outbreak of Vitus Gerulaitis
Totnes Bickering Fair
Excavating Rita
Running Order Squabblefest
L’enfer C’est Les Autres
Look Dad No Tunes
Bob Wilson Anchorman
National Shite Day
All I Want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit
We Built this Village on a Trad. Arr. Tune
24 Hour Garage People (Pringles were £1.84)
Little in the Way of Sunshine
For What is Chatteris
Rock and Roll is Full of Bad Wools
Fix it so She Dreams of Me
Joy Division Oven Gloves

She’s in Broadstairs
Tragedy (Bee Gees)
Vatican Broadside
Everything’s AOR

Winter road bike search – the sensible option

We’re due to move office at some point in the not too distant future, which means I’ll lose my convenient bike-rack outside the front door and will have to lock my bike up elsewhere on site. Therefore it seems sensible to not get too extravagant when replacing the Ribble. So after careful consideration the replacement frame will most likely be a Surly Pacer, as everything from the Ribble bar the headset will fit, and then I might look for a posher winter road bike as a replacement for the Lemond at some point in the future when funds permit.

Another day, another possible winter bike option.

Kinesis have announced the new Racelight TK3 which looks interesting and, assuming the geometry stays the same as the TK2, should fit me nicely.

Currently the winter bike options, in no particular order, look as follows:

  • Singular Osprey (XL, frame and forks) = £510-£730 depending on whether I go for the chromed version or not, the 1" headset still puts me off a bit though.
  • Enigma Ethos (59, frame only) = £925
  • Enigma Etape (59xl, frame only) = £1199
  • Shand Skinnymalinky (Large) = £960 (frame) £140 (matching fork)
  • Kinesis Tk3/Tk2/T2 (63cm) = £various – the only aluminium option on the list.
  • Surly Pacer (60cm, frame and forks) = £350 – the cheap option

At this rate I’ll probably just end up riding the Ribble until it breaks.

Shuttleworth Pageant Air Show – September 2012

Only the second Shuttleworth display I’ve managed to see this year, but it was a special one. Currently on-loan from The Vintage Aviator Ltd are a few replica planes, and the RAF RE8 and Albatros DVa were due to make their public debut at the display, with the Sopwith Snipe on static display. Consequently when we arrived slightly earlier than normal at 10:30 it was already pretty busy.

We did the usual wander round the hangers and the static displays before settling down for the flying. The weather was a bit hit and miss, mostly cloudy, occasionally light showers, but the sun came out when it mattered. Highlights were the aforementioned RAF RE8 and Albatros DVa, and a superb display from the Hawker Hind and Demon pair.

Albatros DVa
Sopwith Snipe
Extra 330C
Bristol F2b Fighter
Albatros DVa
RAF RE8 and Albatros DVa
Albatros DVa
Hawker Hind and Hawker Demon
Avro Tutor

More photos: Shuttleworth Pageant Air Show – September 2012

Winter bike search – another option

The lovely people at Cadence have a couple of Enigma bikes built up, and the Etape or Ethos look almost perfect. I’ve also been eyeing up the Shand Skinnymalinky as a suitable option.

A plan currently forming in the back of my mind is to spend a bit more money on the frame and forks, and then “borrow” the Veloce/Centaur groupset from the Lemond to build up the new winter bike, and at some point rebuild the Lemond as and when I upgrade the current Centaur Carbon groupset on the Singular Firebird.