Winter road bike search – the sensible option

We’re due to move office at some point in the not too distant future, which means I’ll lose my convenient bike-rack outside the front door and will have to lock my bike up elsewhere on site. Therefore it seems sensible to not get too extravagant when replacing the Ribble. So after careful consideration the replacement frame will most likely be a Surly Pacer, as everything from the Ribble bar the headset will fit, and then I might look for a posher winter road bike as a replacement for the Lemond at some point in the future when funds permit.

5 thoughts on “Winter road bike search – the sensible option”

  1. You wont regret the Pacer….its a solid and very comfortable bike :-)
    Your only issue will likely be the brake calliper reach, the surly will just about work with short reach callipers but only just!
    I ended up replacing the front calliper for a long reach, I left the back calliper as short reach.

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