Mukluk testing

I headed out with the aim of doing my usual Uni loop in order to test out the Mukluk, the first few miles are a road climb, not the ideal environment for nearly 38lbs of fat bike, however the promise of some off-road action makes it almost worth while.

Initially flat pedals took a lot of getting used to, it’s not until you go back to flats that you realise how much you rely on the physical attachment to the pedals that comes with SPDs.

After stopping off to see Fathers new car I headed along the top, through the woods, and round to the golf club. At that point the remainder of the off-road part of the ride was thwarted by 4″ of sticky mud and a herd of cows blocking the track, so I took the opportunity of a road descent back in to town to bed in the disc brakes properly.

So how does the bike ride? Like a mountain bike crossed with a steamroller, you can just point and shoot, and the level of grip is superb. However if you ride it where there are people, you will get stared at :)

I need to do some playing around with tyre pressures though, they’re still as they came from the shop.

Shuttleworth Autumn Airshow – October 2012

We arrived at Old Warden at our usual time of just before 11ish to find the place packed, and unfortunately foggy. However by the time the display started the fog had cleared, and there were a few patches of blue sky dotted around. The display was billed as partly as a Cold War era fast jet reunion, although the line-up was partly depleted due to the Golden Apple F-86 Sabre still lacking an engine. It was also the last display with Tony Haig-Thomas in charge of the collection, and so the banner pick-up which started off proceedings paid tribute to him.

Fairwell Tony
Red Gnat Team
Hawker Hind and Hawker Demon
Hunting Jet Provost
Percival Piston Provost

More photos: Shuttleworth Autumn Air Display – October 2012