Fujifilm reliability – or lack of.

So far this year my two Fujifilm cameras have both been back for repair because of design or manufacturing faults. My X10 eventually went back three times, and my X100 once. I would quite like an X-Pro1, but given the lack of reliability of my existing cameras, there’s no way I’m going to risk the sort of money it would cost me to get a working setup. Maybe in a couple of years they’ll have learned how to build cameras properly and it’ll be less of a risk.

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3 Responses to Fujifilm reliability – or lack of.

  1. steveojo69 says:

    You don’t have much luck with companies that have ‘Fuji’ in the name.

  2. Arggg, don’t tell me that, I’m dreaming/scheming of an X10 as we speak! What sort of things went wrong with it?
    I rode with a guy last week and the clip unfastened somehow on the flimsy neck strap attachment sending his X100 skating along the road. It still works, looks a bit secondhand however. I would have cried.

  3. rich says:

    The X10 should be OK to buy now. They had a problem with the early ones with sensor blooming giving white orbs where there were highlights within the frame. Old cameras have been recalled for a fix, and new ones should be OK out of the box.