Frank Turner – The Pavilion, Bath

After a wander round the eating establishments of Bath trying to find somewhere that could fit us in, and getting served by a waiter who announce that his girlfriend had cheated on him with Frank Turner, we ended up in the queue to get in to the Pavilion feeling rather old.

First support band was Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun who had to put up with Frank Turner and others appearing on stage in animal/dinosaur costumes and joining in mid-way through a song. Next up was Tim Barry who seemed to only know one tune, and had to contend with a one-armed Elvis mannequin chasing him round the stage.

Then we came to the main act. Tonight was apparently gig number 1303 for Frank Turner, and the last night of the current tour hence the aforementioned tomfoolery. He raced through the first three songs before even saying hello, and the pace didn’t slow down much from there onwards. A few new songs were dotted through the evening, along with some really old ones resurrected for this evening.

I Am Disappeared
The Road
One Foot Before the other
Reasons Not to be an Idiot
Glory Hallelujah
Long Live the Queen
Plain Sailing Weather
Wessex Boy
To Take You Home
The Real Damage (solo)
Casanova Lament (solo)
I knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
Peggy Sang the Blues
Four Simple Words
Try This at Home
I Still Believe

Cowboy Chords (solo)
If I Ever Stray (solo -> band)
Dan’s Song

Then it was out in to the cold and time to walk home.

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