Ubuntu, fail2ban, and Dovecot

The standard install of fail2ban on Ubuntu 12.4 LTS doesn’t, by default, pick up all errors. To fix it, edit /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/dovecot.conf and change the failregex line to

failregex = .*(?: pop3-login|imap-login):.*(?:Authentication failure|Aborted login \(auth failed|Aborted login \(tried to use disabled|Disconnected \(auth failed|Disconnected \(tried to use disabled).*rip=(?P\S*),.*

It’s the “Disconnected \(tried to use disabled” which is important.

Snow, snow, bloody snow

As soon as the weather forecasts seemed convinced that we’d get a decent amount of snow I booked today off work so I could go out and play on the Mukluk. Initially it didn’t look promising as it was still raining when I headed off to bed last night, but by 5am this morning the snow was falling.

By 9am I was heading out the door on the Mukluk fueled by nothing more than a can of Red Bull-alike.

Mukluk in the Snow

There was about 3" of snow on the ground, as I headed out on the usual Uni route. The side roads were all covered in snow, but by the time I reached the main roads they’d been gritted and were covered in a couple of inches of slush.

At the top of the hill I stopped off to chat to a few people I’d not seen for a while before heading across the top towards Rainbow Woods.

Mukluk in the Snow

After a brief crash outside the woods I headed in to the trees hoping I could still pick out the path.

Mukluk in the Snow

Once through the woods it was out across the fields towards the Uni. The wind had picked up a bit and was whipping the snow across the path into almost blizzard conditions. My usual riding glasses weren’t much use at this point, goggles would have been a sensible choice but I didn’t own any, something I’ve now rectified.

Mukluk in the Snow
Mukluk in the Snow

By that point I was cold, wet, tired, and hungry due to a lack of breakfast, so headed back down the hill and through town.

After a long shower to warm up I risked the roads and drove to Sainsburys to get some food for a long overdue breakfast of bacon, brie, and cranberry rolls, followed by a session sledging with the neighbours.

As for the title of this post:

More photos: Mukluk in the snow

#169 – Gold Rush

Another Chaplin film to cross off the list, in this case the 1942 re-release complete with narration and a musical score. The viewing was brought forward slightly by a separate Lovefilm disc refusing to play properly, leading to some consternation when I thought my PS3 had died. Fortunately it was just another dodgy disc.


First ride of the year

The original plan for today was to head out for a ride to test out my new handlebars, but after popping down to Johns Bikes yesterday and discovering a complete lack of any bar tape, that fell by the wayside. I did end up coming away with a new set of Bontrager shoe covers, so this morning headed out on the Singular Firebird to try them out.

I headed out along the cycle track as usual, and it’s still flooded where it passed underneath Newbridge Road.

Bristol-Bath cycle track still flooded

Between Christmas and New Year it was apparently nearly hub depth, now it’s down to a couple of inches.

I carried on out to Bitton Station, up through Keynsham, then back via Corston. 16 miles in 70 minutes or so. A nice gentle start to the year.

Road Wheel Weight Limits

This’ll probably be of little interest to anyone but me, but it’ll save me having to look it up repeatedly. I’m ignoring tubulars and disc/tri-spoke wheels for the moment.

ManufacturerModelWeight Limit
All109kg/240lbs (caution above 82kg/180lbs)
DT SwissTricon RRC
Tricon RR1450
Tricon R 1700100kg/220lbs
Ardennes Stallion102kg/225lbs
Pro-LiteJet Stallion102kg/225lbs
ZippAll clinchers113kg/250lbs
American ClassicVarious79-109kg/175-240lbs depending on model
BontragerAllNo rider weight limits
Mad FibreClincherNo rider weight limit
ReynoldsAllNo rider weight limits
EastonAllNo rider weight limits
StansAlpha 340 Pro86kg/190lbs
Alpha 340 Team104kg/230lbs
Alpha 340 Comp113kg/250lbs
Alpha 400 Pro95kg/210lbs
Alpha 400 Team113kg/250lbs
Alpha 400 Comp113kg/250lbs
WilliamsVarious77-109kg/170-240lbs depending on model
MarchisioAll 100kg/220lbs
Arc Carbon WheelsAll100kg/220lbs
FLO CyclingStandard90kg/198lbs
Profile DesignAll carbon100kg/220lbs
Swiss Side18/20 Spoke90kg/198lbs
20/24 Spoke105kg/231lbs
Wiggle Black Series by TuneRAC27110kg/242lbs
Julius CyclingAC2280kg/177lbs
EnveAllNo rider weight limits
industry NineAll100kg/250lbs
Weight limits for road clincher wheels. All details taken from manufacturers websites.

A few manufacturers including Shimano, Halo, Cole, and ENVE, don’t appear to give any weight limits. This may or may not be a good thing.

Several manufactures including Rolf, Ritchey, and FFWD have vague statements regarding weight limits which don’t actually say anything useful, but are probably sufficient for them to deny any warranty claim if you’ve eaten too many pies. Probably best avoided.

Last updated: Jan 2013