Snow, snow, bloody snow

As soon as the weather forecasts seemed convinced that we’d get a decent amount of snow I booked today off work so I could go out and play on the Mukluk. Initially it didn’t look promising as it was still raining when I headed off to bed last night, but by 5am this morning the snow was falling.

By 9am I was heading out the door on the Mukluk fueled by nothing more than a can of Red Bull-alike.

Mukluk in the Snow

There was about 3" of snow on the ground, as I headed out on the usual Uni route. The side roads were all covered in snow, but by the time I reached the main roads they’d been gritted and were covered in a couple of inches of slush.

At the top of the hill I stopped off to chat to a few people I’d not seen for a while before heading across the top towards Rainbow Woods.

Mukluk in the Snow

After a brief crash outside the woods I headed in to the trees hoping I could still pick out the path.

Mukluk in the Snow

Once through the woods it was out across the fields towards the Uni. The wind had picked up a bit and was whipping the snow across the path into almost blizzard conditions. My usual riding glasses weren’t much use at this point, goggles would have been a sensible choice but I didn’t own any, something I’ve now rectified.

Mukluk in the Snow
Mukluk in the Snow

By that point I was cold, wet, tired, and hungry due to a lack of breakfast, so headed back down the hill and through town.

After a long shower to warm up I risked the roads and drove to Sainsburys to get some food for a long overdue breakfast of bacon, brie, and cranberry rolls, followed by a session sledging with the neighbours.

As for the title of this post:

More photos: Mukluk in the snow

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