Lacock with the VC Walcot Easyriders

My second trip out with the VC Walcot Easyriders today, and this time we headed out to the wrong side of town, not somewhere I’ve ridden much for some reason. Probably something to do with Bathford Hill being a bit on the steep and long side of things for my liking. However once that was out of the way it was mostly downhill ride to Lacock where we stopped for coffee and a cake. After the coffee it was time to get back on the bike for a long gentle climb back up to the top of Bathford Hill where we got to enjoy it as a 40mph descent rather than a 7mph climb, followed by a spin across town to Chelsea Road for another coffee.

The new 11-speed Campagnolo Record chainset on the Firebird seems to have cured the chainsuck problem alluded to a few weeks ago, but I need to retape the bars again as the tape keeps slipping.

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