Odd Down Circuit training – the first session

Tonight was the first official training session at Odd Down Circuit. VC Walcot were running it this week and split the evening in to three sessions, mixed ability, club rider, and E/1/2/3/4’s. I went for the former.

Checking the weather forecast earlier in the week didn’t fill me with confidence, the forecast was for heavy rain and strong winds gusting up to 50mph. Turns out the forecast wasn’t far off. Despite my better judgement I kitted up and rode up to the circuit in plenty of time to sign on, I needn’t have hurried as there were only two other people there, both hiding in a car. Eventually another rider turned up so Andy opened up the circuit and two of us took a slow ride round to remove any debris from the track. Turning the corner on to the bottom straight was an experience, the evil headwind robbing you of any speed you’d gained on the descent to the corner. Coming back along the bottom was nice and easy until you turned into the back straight and ground to a halt again. No-one was going to be setting any lap records tonight.

After a mere 9 laps I called it a night and rolled back down the hill for a shower, food, beer, and a film. Hopefully the weather will be somewhat improved for next week.

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