Summer arrives at last

We’ve nearly come to the end of an almost perfect summer weekend.

It started off with a trip out on the Singular Pegasus singlespeed on Saturday morning to ride the Two Tunnels/Canal route with a slight deviation to check out the surface on the Collier Way out towards Wellow.

The afternoon was spent lazing in the neighbours garden trying not to get splashed by Ben in his paddling pool, combined with a brief break indoors to watch the last 10km of the Tour de France stage.

Sunday started off with another ride, this time aboard the Singular Firebird on the VC Walcot Easyriders trip out to Neston Farm Shop. Due to a slight navigational mistake we ended up doing an extra 10 miles or so with the cake stop at 20ish miles actually coming at 35 miles.

Despite the added distance we were back in time to watch the last hour or so of the Tour. Not long after the Tour coverage finished I thought my AV Receiver had died as it suddenly went silent. However after resetting it, turning it off for a bit, swearing at it a lot, and pricing up a replacement, I resorted to looking up the symptoms on the internet. A quick blow into the headphone socket and all was back to normal.

I’m now rather tired, very sunburnt in places, and not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Summer arrives at last

  1. Simon says:

    Top weekend :)

  2. rich says:

    All weekends should be like this. Possibly without the sunburn though.