The new winter bike – Kinesis TK3

I’ve been planning the replacement of my aging Ribble Audax for around 18 months now, and the end result is this:

Kinesis TK3

A 63cm 2013 Kinesis TK3 built up with a Campagnolo drivetrain, Velo Orange Grand Cru brakes, and mostly 3T finishing kit.

Kinesis TK3
Kinesis TK3
Kinesis TK3

Despite my plans to just do a frame swap, the only part carried over from the Ribble is the SKS mudguards. The drivetrain and wheels came from the Firebird when I upgraded to 11spd earlier in the year, and the finishing kit is more or less all new.

More photos: Kinesis TK3

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3 Responses to The new winter bike – Kinesis TK3

  1. I *do* like the Kinesis blue….

  2. Khoa says:

    That bike looks striking in blue! Awaiting mine shipping from UK to here in the States. I have a question about your brakeset of choice. How do you like the Grand Crus and have you used any of the Shimano long reach sets or have always stuck with those?

  3. rich says:

    The Grand Cru brakes are superb. Much better than the Shimano long reach ones I was running previously, and almost as good as the Campagnolo Chorus brakes on the summer road bike.