New Model Army – Rock City, Nottingham

It’s that time of year again, the annual pilgrimage to see New Model Army play their pre-christmas gig. As with last year, and hopefully many years to come, it was at Rock City, the venue with the stickiest floor imaginable.

As with last year there was no separate support band, it started out with Justin Sullivan on his own, before he was joined by Dean White for a few songs, then Marshall Gill, then the full band.

Same again in 12 months all being well.

JS solo
No Greater Love
+Dean White
Drummy B
Into the Wind
La Push
+Full Band
Summer Moors

No Rest
March in September
Did You Make it Safe?
Pull the Sun
Christian Militia
I Need More Time
Modern Times
Archway Towers
Here Comes the War
Between Dog and Wolf
Today is a Good Day
Seven Times
Ballad of Bodmin Pill
Wonderful Way to Go

Lean Back and Fall
The Price
Get Me Out
Green & Grey

I Love the World

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