Steeleye Span – City Hall, Salisbury

Earlier this year, Steeleye Span released an album in collaboration with Terry Pratchett based on the book Wintersmith. Tonight was the final night of the associated tour, with Terry himself along to keep an eye on things.

I’d not seen Steeleye Span before, but have seen various members in other bands over the years.

After a short set from the support the main act arrived on stage and did two decent length sets with a good mix of old songs along with tracks from Wintersmith. The first encore saw them bring Terry on stage to thank him for the books, upon which he replied that if he’d known how good the album would be he’d have written better books, before sitting him down for the obligatory version of All Around My Hat (I think I prefer the Bad Shepherds version though).

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  1. Father says:

    And Dad went too. (And Mother) Bags of enthusiasm from the band and a good helping of old and new. Listening to Wintersmith some more, 2 tracks stand out. ‘The making of a man’ and ‘We shall wear midnight’, both by Pete Knight. Very moving, even for an old cynic!