Still getting cross

A plan has formed.

The Singular Peregrine was resurrected last weekend, but the commute on Monday identified a few flaws. The Avid BB5 brakes are shit, and the rear wheel needs some attention.

The braking problem has hopefully been solved with the purchase of some TRP Spyre brakes, and a new set of cone spanners will sort out the wheel.

As I’m partially stripping the bike down to replace the brakes, I’ve decided it’s time to do something about the aging gears. Currently it has 8 speed Shimano Sora from around 2001, Campagnolo is unfortunately not really an option at the moment, so I’ve ordered the necessary bits to upgrade it to current 10 speed Shimano 105 which, thanks to some decent offers, cost less than the RRP for the shifters.

The rest of the parts on the bike are reasonably good, although the wheels are somewhat on the heavy side. So later in the year I’ll most likely replace the frame with a more CX oriented one, possibly the forthcoming disc-equipped Singular Kite v2.

Getting cross (again)

It’s been a long time since I had a working cross bike.

Seeing all the fun people were having at the two CX races I photographed last year rekindled my desire for a working cross bike. I came fairly close to ordering a new disc equipped cross bike on several occasions, but decided to take the cheaper option first.

I had two options, rebuild the Planet-X Uncle John from scratch, or rework the somewhat heavier Singular Peregrine. In the end I took the easier but much more weightier option and removed the guards from the Peregrine and fitted Small Block 8 tyres.

I’m planning a proper test ride one evening this week, hopefully this will satisfy my desires and saves me from ordering that Cannondale I’ve got my eye on…