Nothing Lasts

The rear wheel which originally came on my Lemond Buenos Aires back in early 2005 has finally died. It’s a Mavic Open Pro rim on Campagnolo Centaur hub, and has done duty on the Lemond, then on the Singular Firebird, and more recently on my Kinesis TK3.

I snapped a spoke in in a few weeks ago which was replaced, but when descending Midford Road on the way back from Odd Down at 40+mph it went rather out of shape. Turns out the spokes are pulling through the rim. Probably a good job it didn’t collapse completely on me as it could have got quite messy.

The problem now is deciding what to replace it with. Another Open Pro rim would be the cheap option, but I doubt it would match the old one. A different rim would mean replacing the front at the same time to match, or I could get a complete new set of wheels and keep the existing front wheel and rear hub as spares.

Time to ponder.

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